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Youtube High Definition Add-on for Firefox

December 27, 2011 1 comment

First of all this is an add-on for Firefox. Chrome should have something similar. But IE and Safari users will probably have to look at using a Greasemonkey script.

I came across this today because I was listening to some songs that I could only find on Youtube. Problem was they streamed at 360p by default which comes with terrible audio quality (yes I chnaged my account settings to use the best quality available). I had three options. Change it manually at the start of every song, go into fullscreen mode and listen to the playlist like that (auto max quality works in fullscreen) or look for some add or tool to do this for me. Obviously I did the latter =)

What I found was “Youtube High Definition” by Baris Derin. It has the option to select a particular quality setting or always go for maximum resolution. It also has an option to automatically shrink or expand the video.

“Youtube High Definition” on the Firefox Add-on directory:
“Youtube High Definition” Add-on homepage:

Youtube High Definition Add-on - This image is property of Baris Derin

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